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Welcome to Summerlands Chuffers

Here we are able to tell you all about the Summerlands Chuffer, explain how to fit it to your gas or spirit fired garden railway loco and let you hear it in action on the many videos (there are two at the bottom of this page). This website also has lots more to interest the garden railway enthusiast as you can see in the contents list. 

First, though, here is a brief explanation. The Summerlands Chuffer a highly developed and precision engineered chuff pipe that can bring the real sound of a working steam loco to your 16mm and G Scale railway. Designed to be a straightforward fit to many of the commercially available steam locos in these scales, it amplifies and enhances the sound of the exhaust steam and has the additional benefit of directing the oil and water downwards when starting.

Since the launch in July 2009, over 7,000 have been sold across the globe and you can scroll down to see just a few of the comments we have received.

With the optional FX Control, you can control the loudness of the Chuff and also enhance the steam plume for spectaculay steamy photography!

If your locos are radio control, the Summerlands Chuffer really does add a whole new dimension to your driving – because you can now hear the loco working. You can sense the need for more regulator and when to ease back and when your loco is out of sight, you can still have full control, just by listening to the exhaust!

And if you are a manual contol fan, just load her up, sit back and enjoy the sight and sound of your steam loco – pure magic!

In fact Marc Horovitz, editor of Garden Railways magazine, writing in the Feb 2010 issue said that it “adds a whole new dimension to running steam”.  So if you fancy adding that “new dimension” to your garden railway, browse this site to see videos, fitting notes and ideas from fellow enthusiasts across the world who have helped bring the sound of the  Chuffer to a huge variety of locos

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A pristine Roundhouse Billy ready to test its newly fitted Chuffer

Website Contents

Chuffer News

Here you will find the latest news from the Summerlands Chuffer team. New locos are being launched all the time and here we will announce the Chuffers as they become available. There will also be hints, tips and the latest videos


There are well over 70 types of Chuffer for over 170 garden railway locos, so it is essential to choose the right one. Here you will find Locos from the main manufacturers listed as well as expert Chuffer Fitters who can do the job for you.

FX Control 

The new FX Control, which allows you to control the chuff and steam plume is explained.

Fitting Notes

Here are notes from people who have fitted Chuffers. Some have been done in house, but many are from satisfied customers. There is also a link to FAQ’s and to a design chart if your loco is not listed.


Here you can see a wide range of high quality garden railway videos. The links will take you to the video pages to see many of your favourite locos in action. There are also links to my Beginner’s Guide videos.


Here you can find our contact details the details of our Summerlands Chuffer dealers across the world and a links to our authorised Chuffer Fitters

My Projects

I am a garden railway enthisiast, first and foremost, and here you can read about my projects, both on magazine scans and via links to other sites where I have recorded them.

Other Stuff

Here is a real mix of stuff. There is occasionally secondhand stuff and always a selection of pages which I host for traders. Some now have their own websites, but like to keep the pages on here. Beware, though, temptation lurks here! There is a link to some recommended reading and also to the occasional big railway!

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My Roundhouse Katie – the first loco to receive a Chuffer shows of its FX Control steam effects

Two ‘taster’ videos

These two videos show a range of Roundhouse, Accucraft and other locos fitted with the Summerlands Chuffer. They were made a few years ago so are not the highest picture quality.


Customer Comments

“….I have to say that they bring a new and positive dimension to 16mm live steam. Very impressed and will be recommending the brand to anyone who is interested (and to those who think they’re not).”

(Roundhouse Silver lady, Russell and Accucraft Lyn in NZ)

“Got the chuffer put in last night, ran it this evening for the maiden voyage. Holy sh#t I had people from a block and a half away watching!! They could hear it from that far away!! This thing is great!!

Much loader! Very realistic. My ears are still ringing!!!”

(Accucraft K-36)

“Well done on bringing to market such an excellent enhancement for our models.”


Chuffer v. Bark Box

Nobuoka Naoki must be one of the few people to carry out this comparison on the same loco (the gas fired Aster B20). Here is his verdict (I have tidied up the translation a little – though not the description of the sound):

 “I love your very nice (chuff) pipe

Of course barkbox also nice, but I prefer your pipe sound:

BarkBox = da.da.da      Summerland = schw.schw.schw.  

Such a feeling sound voice”.

Now I have always been a huge admirer of the Bark Box, so I guess it is all just a matter of what you like!

“The Summerlands chuff pipe is one of the best investments I have made in 16mm. I am one satisfied customer!”


“Thanks ….. for all your efforts in producing this little gem. It’s worth every penny and I love it!”


“I just installed my Chuffer in the “Countess” and I can’t believe the change in the sound. Even here in the wilds and high altitude of Western Canada the device works very well.”


“At one point I had to close my eyes as it sounded just like one of the real (Darjeeling) B’s on my Toy Train to the Clouds DVD” (Roundhouse Darjeeling B)


“We thought that someone was driving a Black 5 at full chat up the Conwy Valley!”(Accucraft Superior)


“I can confirm that the Summerlands Chuffer does exactly what it says it will do”.


“….all I can say is brilliant – made the world of differences to the locomotive – really pleased…..” (Roundhouse Billy)