Which Chuffer for your loco?

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The Summerlands Chuffer was launched back in 2009 with just three designs, but requests from fellow enthusiasts over the years have lead to well over seventy designs for over 180 types of garden railway locomotive. Each type is designed to give the best sound while ensuring that the burner can breathe. Below you will find lists for the various manufacturers. Scroll down to find your loco and you will see the type of Chuffer you need. You will find:

 – Chuffers for Roundhouse

 – Chuffers for Accucraft

 – Chuffers for Other Makes

 – Chuffers for German Outline

If your loco is not listed then it may still be possible to fit one. We have a free design service, but will need some information, photos and measurements from your loco. There is a design chart at the bottom of this page and please get in touch with me on


or enquiries@summerlands-chuffer.uk

For many loco types, fitting is pretty simple using the detailed instructions supplied. For some locos we also have Fitting Notes (see main tune above), many of which were supplied by customers. If, however, you don’t fancy fitting the Chuffer yourself, you can scroll down for a list of Chuffer Fitters who will do it for you.

Some Chuffer types, which use the 1/4″ and 7/32″ Chuffer resonator, can be fitted with our FX Control which allows you to control the chuff volume and steam plume.


Chuffer List RH 02-20 1b
Chuffer List RH 02-20 2b
Chuffer List RH 02-20 3b
Chuffer List Acc December 2023 a
Chuffer List Acc January 2024b
Chuffer List Acc December 2023 3
Chuffer List Other 2-20a
Chuffer List Other Dec 2021 a
Chuffers for German locos 2-20a
Chuffers for German locos 2-20 2a

Chuffer Fitters

If you do not feel confident to fit your own Chuffer, then there are highly skilled engineers who will do the job for you. Here is the list of approved Chuffer Fitters. There are currently Fitters in the UK, USA and Australia


Tony Willmore

Tony is based in North Wales and runs the Rhos Helyg Loco Works which specialises in rebuilding, repairing, painting (example left) and lining 16mm and G-Scale locos. He has vast experience with Roundhouse locos and knows many of them inside-out.

Contact Tony at locoworks@rhoshelyg.me.uk and see his website at www.rhoshelyg.me.uk


Dave Mees

Dave was one of the first Chuffer-fitters, providing notes for the website on the Roundhouse Darjeeling B and the Roundhouse Atlantic. As Abbeybach Engineering Services Ltd, he is now able to offer a fitting service for those in the North Wales area  and further afield too.  Other services incluse loco repairs, civil engineering in 12″ to the ft as well as 16mm to the ft, and radio repairs too.  You can see Dave’s fine railway in Garden Rail magazine 193.

Contact Dave on mees.david@yahoo.com


Mike Darby

With a business named Chuffed2Bits, Mike Darby is an obvious man to be a Summerlands Chuffer-fitter! In addition to supplying a steadily increasing range of garden railway accessories, Mike is a service agent for Accucraft and also offers a comprehensive loco modification and painting service for Accucraft, Roundhouse and many others. As with all our approved fitters, he can either supply and fit or fit your Chuffer if you have already purchased it. Based in Warwick, Mike is in easy reach for enthusiasts in the Midlands.

Mike’s website is www.chuffed2bits.com , his email is sales@chuffed2bits.com and his telephone number is

07867 974542 or 01926 407784

Simon Whenmouth

Simon Whenmouth of Anything Narrow Gauge is well known in garden railway circles for repairing ailing 16mm steam locos and now offers new Roundhouse, Accucraft locos and stock plus second hand locos and stock too.  Based in the South East, he will be in easy reach for many who might prefer the fitting to be carried out in his workshop.  With the added advantage of possibly testing out your ‘Chuffer’ on the Hedgehog Valley Railway 32mm or 45mm lines.

Contact 01622 710901

              07711 387621




David Hippey

David Hippey’s loco repair and maintenance business  “Houstoun Gate Locomotive Works” is based North of the border in the central belt of Scotland. He has been modelling in 16mm to the foot for around 12 years, but has a wide ranging engineering background spread over more than 30 years. In addition to fitting Summerland Chuffers, he offers radio control installation and upgrades to both steam and diesel outline locos as well as fitting sound systems. See more at  www.hglw.co.uk

Contact David at :

Email hglw@eagleassist.com


          66 Buchanan Crescent

          Houstoun Gate


          EH54 7EE

Tel. 07801917468

and David has an excellent website for services and simple rolling stock at www.hglw.co.uk


Paul Fletcher

Paul Fletcher of Dream Steam is an expert on Mamod and Mamod type engines as well as offering a service for fitting to Roundhouse, Accucraft etc. Dream Steam, who are the leading UK Chuffer retailer are at:

Dream Steam Limited

Ground Floor Suite

Vanguard House

Mills Road


ME20 7NA

 Tel. 08450 773007

email: sales@dream-steam.com


 Best to phone or email to make an appointment before visiting.


Matt Towell

Matt has set up the Barley Pit Works, based just north of Coventry in the Midlands, offering a range of services for garden railway locos and stock. Matt has grown up with garden railways “in his blood” and is doing some superb work for his customers.

Contact barleypitworks@gmail.com



Jason Kovac (USA)

Jason Kovac’s business “The Train Department”, based in New Jersey supplies many locos and accessories, but Jason is also highly experienced in the repair and also in the design of garden railway locos. Jason can offer a Chuffer fitting service for all makes.

The Train Department

Jason Kovac




Terry Robinson (Australia)

Terry is based in South East Astralia and runs Small Steam Performance. He is a highly experiences engineer and comes from specialising in designing and maintaining medical equipment to focus on getting the very best from our small steam locos.


Phone:0418 627 952

Summerlands Chuffer Design Chart

Measure up your loco and send me the make, model and dimensions with photos of the smokebox and chimney to summerlandschuffer@gmail.com


Chuffer Design Service