Brian Wilson’s 7/8th” Scale Hunslet Jack

Below you will find the article which I published on the Garden Railway Club. Ken Povey, a fellow enthusiast and Jack builder has kindly converted that article to a PDF and that is the basis of the article shown here. He has added a few comments from his experience, and these are shown in red. Thank you Ken!

As I started the article in July 2015, Garden Rail magazine was serialising the build of a 7/8ths inch scale Hunslet, based on the famous Jack. I decided to build the loco and after consulting with the author, Brian Wilson, I agreed to write it up as I went along.

If you have not seen the project before, then this loco is based on the Roundhouse 0-4-0 chassis and the Lady Anne type boiler. Although much of the rest could be scratch built, Brian had arranged the supply of laser cut parts, etched body and many castings, including the distinctive smokebox as a 3D print in steel! In my build, I used many of the parts that were available. at the time. Since then, laser cut cahaasis frames have become available from Model Engineers Laser.

Please note that although the drawings are in the magazines (starting with Issue 251) there have been some corrections and a revised version is still available at

I should say that I am not commercially involved in this project, other than to supply a special Chuffer for the completed model. The following is my simple account of what I did – it does not replace Brian’s instructions (it should be read in conjunction with them) and there are, of course, many other ways to approach it.

At the end of the articleI will include videos of my completed model in steam.

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